Illustration, animation & photography

I love drawing from a very young age at the living room table, and I use illustration whenever the opportunity arises. I am used to working with Illustrator for vector illustrations (look at the projet "Glitter" on my portfolio) and with Procreate for any other type of illustration (see my Instagram account).

As huge admirer of the incredible Jessica Hische, I took up a first challenge in lettering (drawing typographical letters) by making a series of twelve labels for brandy bottles. The project is still in production and will be visible on my portfolio in the fall of 2019.

Unlike motion designers who design and animate complex concepts over several minutes, I have had a huge interest in animated illustrations in recent years. Using Photoshop, I animate illustrations (see "Mindfullness" on my portfolio) to give life and relief to illustrations (originally static) in all simplicity.

Since my graduation project "De mémoire d'homme(s)", a photographic project realized in New York and which earned me a mention of excellence, I like to photograph people I meet along personal trips. Without solid professional training in the sector, photography is a medium that I reserve for my personal artistic projects only.

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