Web design & digital media

As a web designer, I design, create and produce websites, from a simple informative web page for an independent or collective to a more complex site for a company, an institution like a theatre with years of archives or for a clothing brand with an online shop. All the websites I create are responsible (adapted to all types of screens, optimally referenced on Google and other search engines and scalable (to cope as best as possible with the evolution of digital technologies).

Web design
To create a website, we need an existing visual identity or the identity we have created beforehand.
See "Graphic design & print media". Depending on the type of project, I code from scratch (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP) or, more commonly, create the site directly via Wordpress. Wordpress is a CMS (Content Management System) that allows the designer to design the site with maximum freedom and the agents to manage their own content (schedule, agenda, shop and other content that must be updated regularly). At the same time, I keep the sites I build up to date over the long term in order to avoid premature obsolescence due to technological advances that are constantly evolving.

Digital media
By "Digital media", I mean anything that cannot be printed. In addition to websites, I also hear animated animations and illustrations and sound recordings, which can be used to enhance a website, an advertising campaign on social networks or a screen projection in a shop, for example.

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