I work in freelance und live between Berlin, Lausanne and Montreal.

Today, I focus on helping to support diversity and inclusion at the intersection of social struggles in the world around me. I conceive web and paper communication strategies for organizations, associations, research institutes & collectives that need to better communicate their messages, actions, research and prevention initiatives. I am also interested in working with people who are less directly involved in social change (i.e. fashion designers, literary collectives, psychotherapists, authors, etc.) for whom the struggle for social justice is part of their approach or simply of their values.

I come from Lausanne and live between Berlin and Montreal. I fell in love with the first one when I was a preteen and the second one when I was thirty. Starting my freelance career in 2014 has transformed my life: it has allowed me to travel freely, to eat pasta without remorse and to strengthen my feminist and activist convic­tions. I love the word Sisterhood*, a magical concept that excludes no one and celebrates fulfilling, comforting and enriching human connections; it gives me the impression that everything will end well. I like vulnerability, this facet of emotional courage unjustly categorized as a weakness. I believe in the power of collective action and the virtues of a good soup with lots of good stuff in it.

★ You can discover my new approach on roxanne-borloz.net.


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